7th July 2010

First Alkaline Water In Australia To Go Oxo-Biodegradable With Plastic Bottles

Evalife Switches To Eco-Friendly Packaging

Australian supplier, Evalife Water Pty Ltd, launches its alkaline mineralised water in a new oxo-biodegradable bottle to help reduce the global problem of plastic waste pollution.

The abundant use and convenience of plastic has produced a ‘throw away’ society.

Consequently, the rise in toxic levels of waste plastic reaching marine life, and therefore entering our food supply chain, is a health and environmental disaster.

This is a catastrophe Evalife hopes to curb.

“Health-conscious Evalife consumers want to drink our magnesium-enriched water from bottles with low environmental impact and still receive a high-quality health product,” said Managing Director, Mr Frank Hutchinson.

Using advanced plastics technology, a safe proprietary additive called Reverte™ converts normal polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic to an oxo-biodegradable material.

Reverte™ is safe for humans, animals and plant life and leaves no harmful residues to contaminate soil or river systems.

Produced in partnership with the Planet Green Bottle Corporation, the innovative Evalife packaging – bottle, cap and label - simply requires sunlight and oxygen to trigger a timed degradation that converts the packaging to water and slowly released carbon dioxide.
Given that ordinary PET bottles take an estimated 1000+ years to degrade, the Reverte™ technology shortens the plastic lifespan considerably, to a mere 5 to 10 years.

“We’re thrilled to offer Evalife in an eco-friendly bottle that is completely compatible with local council recycling collection programs,” said Mr Hutchinson.

“Although PET recycling has been in place now for many years, many plastic bottles still litter the planet and harm the environment. To provide Evalife Water in packaging that is healthy for the planet was a logical step for us,” said Mr Hutchinson.

Evalife Water, packaged in Reverte™ PET packaging, is now available in 600ml and 1.5L bottles at your local stockist or online at Call 1300 309 109 for details.

Health Benefits of Evalife Water

Evalife Water is an alkaline mineralised water enriched with magnesium. It contains 650 mg/L bicarbonate and 125 mg/L magnesium. According to the World Health Organization, water containing magnesium and bicarbonate offers life enhancing properties.
Evalife Water:

Supplemental magnesium is linked to the prevention of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, immune dysfunction and osteoporosis. Evalife Water helps ease the negative effects of alcohol consumption by providing extra hydration and replenishing magnesium that is rapidly lost from the brain when alcohol is consumed.

About Evalife Water Pty Ltd.
The unique composition of Evalife Water is derived from a compelling discovery made by Australian veterinarian and biochemical pathology expert, Dr Russell Beckett. In 1990, Dr Beckett identified sheep and cattle on several farms in the Monaro region of NSW that lived longer and produced more offspring to an older age, he believed, due to drinking spring water naturally enriched in magnesium and bicarbonate from the local basalt and granite landscape.

From this and other evidence, Dr Beckett proposed delivering magnesium bicarbonate to within our body cells, via a mineralised solution, to buffer and protect against acid corrosion caused by excess biochemical waste-products in our body – the key reason we age.

Evalife Water Pty Ltd is an Australian company operated by Frank Hutchinson since 2006. Experiencing firsthand the health benefits of Dr Beckett’s patent-protected magnesium enriched alkaline water, Mr Hutchinson saw an opportunity to provide better health and longevity to Australians by supplying Dr Beckett’s remarkable solution as Evalife Water.

Visit or phone 1300 309 109 for more information.

For further information or to arrange an interview please call Angela Dellaportas, Sales Manager, Evalife Water on 0408 395 967 or 1300 309 109.