Evalife® Water Pty Limited endorses the conclusions reached in the extensive internatinal scientific and medical literature in relation to health benefits obtained from the consumption of bicarbonate and/or alkaline foods. Alkaline foods include most fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is known that a typical Western diet produces chronic, mild acidosis that may not be compensated by the natural bicarbonate buffering system of the body. Chronic acidosis is not conducive to good health. Specific effects that may occur with chronic acidosis include the loss of calcium from bone and the loss of potassium balance in body cells. The loss of calcium from bone may lead to osteoporosis. Many other deleterious effects related to acidosis are known. For example, many cancers have chronic inflammation and tissue acidosis factors in the disease pathogenesis.

It is considered that dietary bicarbonate enhances the natural buffering capacity of the body and may correct the mild acidosis that occurs commonly in people consuming a Western diet rich in animal protein and poor in fresh fruits and vegetables. Dietary bicarbonate may help the body to retain calcium, may prevent calcium loss, may restore potassium balance and may correct the other deleterious effects of acidosis.

Alkaline foods and dietary bicarbonate are often consumed by athletes to neutralise the effects of lactic acid that builds up during extensive exercise. Lactic acid in muscles causes muscle cramps and pain drastically affects athletic and sports performance and endurance.

One litre of Evalife® contains 650 mg of bicarbonate in alkaline solution.

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